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Tranquility Bay campus on the bayTranquility Bay


Tranquility Bay is just a few hundred miles from the Southeast tip of the United States in the friendly Caribbean island of Jamaica. Thousands of U.S. citizens visit Jamaica each week to enjoy the sunny beaches, the beautiful scenery, the congenial hospitality, and the relaxed tranquility of this tropical island.

Tranquility Bay school facilityTranquility Bay provides a structured and supervised environment where high standards exist. You teen will follow a regimented daily schedule and a firm set of rules. Your teen will learn discipline while developing proper motivation and direction. In addition to Academic Curriculum, your teen is also taught values, integrity, honor, accountability, and respect for authority.

Tranquility Bay tennis courts teens can play onTranquility Bay is a Resident Teen Treatment Center and your teen will participate in group and individual therapy conducted by professionals.

Jamaica is an excellent location for the Tranquility Bay because it offers the benefits of a foreign site yet is still close to the United States with easy access for any needed U.S. services or technology. At Tranquility Bay, your teen is enriched and effectively impacted by a unique cultural experience in Jamaica’s warm yet humble and modest surroundings. The benefits of a foreign site are numerous.

  1. Tranquility Bay troubled teen school main officeYour teen is put into an entirely new environment, far away from the negative friends and influences that have adversely affected their life.
  2. A new culture results in your teen being more teachable and open to change and direction. As a result, your teen will be much more teachable and open to change and direction.
  3. A foreign experience helps broaden your teen’s insight, awareness and perspective.
  4. A foreign setting is much more impacting and instills a greater appreciation for home and family.
  5. Not only will your teen get the help needed, but a valuable overseas experience that they will likely remember and appreciate the rest of their lives.
  6. Due to the greater value of the U.S. dollar in Jamaica, the Tranquility Bay can provide its services at a significant reduction of cost to families. All of these reasons make Tranquility Bay an excellent option for your teen to make changes in their lives. Request Inforamation


Tranquility Bay primary focus is helping troubled teens deal with low self esteem and deals with the following issues: troubled teenagers, defiant teens, drug and alcohol abuse, teens with school problems and authority issues.


Tranquility Bay offers many powerful tools to assist your teen in creating real and lasting changes. They includes powerful personal growth seminars, an academic curriculum tailored to your teen's educational needs, individualized and group therapeutic activities, a structured and disciplined environment, personal character building audio and video tapes and team building exercises and workshops.


What is the value you would place on your teen's life? Think hard about the answer to this question. Is it $1,000 or $10,000 or $1,000,000? Is there any price you could place on your teen's life? In the next 50 years, how much will your teen contribute to your family and society? Will he or she become a senator, a president, found a successful nonprofit corporation? While we all hope that our children will live to their greatest potential, more often than not, it doesn't happen. You want to give your teen the best chance they can at achieving their dreams.

Attending Tranquility Bay for a year will cost about the same as a luxury sedan. When all is said and done though, the only thing you have left in your life is your family. If your life is in shambles, your work a chaotic mess or your teenager's life is crumbling before your eyes, your worldly possessions no longer mean anything.

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